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US, Allies Massacre at Will, Yet Condemn Russia
Posted: Friday, October 28, 2016

US, Allies Massacre at Will, Yet Condemn Russia
We really have entered a macabre twilight zone when US-led warplanes are massacring civilians in several countries – and yet Washington and its allies condemn others for war crimes.

Saudi Arabia 'deliberately targeting impoverished Yemen's farms and agricultural industry'
Increasing evidence suggests Kingdom is not merely bombing civilians in neighbouring country, but systematically targeting infrastructure survivors will need to avoid starvation when the war is over

Saudi Wealth Silences France over Regime's Crimes in Yemen, Syria: French Journalist

U.S. has secretly expanded its global network of drone bases to North Africa

U.S. now using Tunisia to conduct drone operations in Libya – U.S. sources

U.N. peace plan for Yemen seems to sideline exiled president

'America Has Lost' in the Philippines

Philippine leader Duterte now wants U.S. troops out 'in the next two years'

CEPAL: There Is "Definitely No Humanitarian" Crisis in Venezuela
The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (CEPAL) has dismissed claims circulated by the Venezuelan opposition and the international media that the country is facing a "humanitarian crisis".

Opposition, socialist supporters face off in Caracas

Venezuela crisis enters dangerous phase as Maduro foes go militant

Clinton Adviser Proposes Attacking Iran to Aid the Saudis in Yemen

The U.S. Cyberwar With Russia Will Wait for President Hillary Clinton
American officials keep talking about how they'll hit back at Russia for hacking the DNC. But any counterstrike will have to wait until after the election.

The Historic UN Vote On Banning Nuclear Weapons
History was made at the United Nations today. For the first time in its 71 years, the global body voted to begin negotiations on a treaty to ban nuclear weapons.

The Modern History of 'Rigged' US Elections
Donald Trump claims the U.S. presidential election is "rigged," drawing condemnation from the political/media establishment which accuses him of undermining faith in American democracy. But neither side understands the real problem, says Robert Parry.

Putin Asks: "Is America Now A Banana Republic"
Moments ago, Russian president started speaking at the final session of the Valdai International Discussion Club's 13th annual meeting in Sochi. More than 130 experts and political analysts from Russia and other countries are taking part in this year's three-day meeting, titled 'The Future in Progress: Shaping the World of Tomorrow'.

Russia unveils 'Satan 2' missile powerful enough to 'wipe out UK, France or Texas'
Russia has released the first image of its new nuclear missile, a weapon so powerful that it could wipe out nearly all of the United Kingdom or France.

Russia to destroy all of its chemical weapons by end of 2017

Russia Has Called the War Party's Bluff
A hot war is not going to break out after Nov. 8th - thanks to shrewd moves and preparation by Moscow

Putin: Russia Is Not Going to Attack Anyone
Claims of Russian Threats 'Simply Stupid'

The real reason for the Calais Jungle clearance isn't what you may think
On Tuesday 25 October, the dismantling of the 'Calais Jungle' refugee camp began in France. But the situation in Calais is symptomatic of the crisis more broadly; that is, companies and individuals profiting from the misery of refugees.

The USA are about to face the worst crisis of their history and how Putin's example might inspire Trump
Watching the last Presidential debate was a rather depressing experience. I thought that Trump did pretty well, but that really is not the point here. The point is this: no matter who wins, an acute crisis is inevitable.

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