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Mexico: 20% gas price hike fuels looting, protests
Posted: Friday, January 6, 2017

Mexico: 20% gas price hike fuels looting, protests
A hefty government gas price hike is fueling protests, looting and road blockades in Mexico. Authorities arrested more than 250 people for robbery and acts of vandalism around the country this week,

Donald Trump 'orders Barack Obama's ambassadors to resign their posts' in unprecented move
The move risks leaving the US without envoys in key countries like Britain, Germany and Canada

Saddam Hussein's death warrant signed 'on day one' after 9/11, former CIA analyst reveals
'We went to Iraq to do all of these things, to find the weapons of mass destruction, to help build a new Iraq, to establish rule of law, give the Iraqi people democracy, and one by one, all of those things just crumbled'

US Spy Chief Claims 'Unprecedented' Russian Involvement in US Vote
Promises to Provide Evidence Sometime Next Week

US Officials 'Baffled' as Turkey Accepts Russian Help in al-Bab, Declines US Support
Turkey Warns US Military Support Against ISIS 'Insufficient'

Documents Reveal New Details of Syria Ceasefire
Documents Reaffirm That Nusra Front is Not a Participant of Ceasefire

US vows to CRUSH Russia as '2017 will be year of the OFFENSIVE' against Putin
VLADIMIR Putin has been warned he is doomed to failure in Ukraine and that 2017 will be a year of anti-Russian aggression.

Danger in Democrats Demonizing Putin
With the Clintons' corporate money machine floundering after a devastating election defeat, Democrats are desperate to find someone to blame and have dangerously settled on Vladimir Putin, writes Norman Solomon.

The FBI Never Asked For Access To Hacked Computer Servers
The Democratic National Committee tells BuzzFeed News that the bureau "never requested access" to the servers the White House and intelligence community say were hacked by Russia.

WashPost Is Richly Rewarded for False News About Russia Threat While Public Is Deceived

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