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African leaders cautiously back strategy to quit global court
Posted: Thursday, February 2, 2017

African leaders cautiously back strategy to quit global court
Broad antipathy towards the court among Africans who feel the International Criminal Court unfairly targets them

If Americans Truly Cared About Muslims, They Would Stop Killing Them by the Millions

US Raid Destroyed Most of Yemen Village, FM Blasts ‘Extrajudicial Killing'
The weekend raid by SEAL Team 6 forces into Yemen to target what was described as "al-Qaeda headquarters," was championed by the administration as a great success in the initial wake of it, but subsequent accounts have instead shown a complete disaster, with losses among the attack US forces and substantial harm to civilians, virtually destroying the entire village and leading Yemen's Foreign Minister to fault the attack as "extrajudicial killings."

War Crimes: Key Decision Point for a New President
In 2011, American citizens Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan were murdered – killed without charge or trial – on the orders of then-president Barack Obama.

Clamoring for Israeli Approval: Trump's Election Promises Will Haunt Him

White House puts Iran ‘on notice,' won't rule out military force
National Security Adviser Michael Flynn said Wednesday that President Donald Trump's administration is "officially putting Iran on notice," and senior administration officials later refused to rule out military action against the Islamic Republic.

Iran confirms missile test, drawing tough response from Trump aide

Iran's President derides Donald Trump as too inexperienced for 'the world of politics'

Operation Chaos: Trump Will Ignite a Powder Keg in the Middle East

Report: Intelligence on fight against IS wasn't falsified
An independent Pentagon probe concluded Wednesday that U.S. military leaders didn't falsify intelligence about progress in the fight against the Islamic State group. Still, it found many analysts strongly believed their reports were distorted to paint a more positive picture of the campaign.

Syrian army dash to al-Bab risks Turkey clash
A rapid advance by the Syrian army towards the Islamic State-held city of al-Bab risks sparking a confrontation with Turkey as Damascus seeks to stop its neighbor penetrating deeper into a strategically important area of northern Syria.

Syria opposition says U.N. can't pick delegates to peace talks
Syria's main opposition body said on Wednesday it would be "unacceptable" for the United Nations to choose opposition delegates to the next round of peace talks in Geneva planned for this month.

Trump Aims to Focus Counter-Extremism Program Exclusively on Islam
Program Had Previously Also Targeted Neo-Nazis

According to Reuters, the Trump Administration intends to change the Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) program significantly, moving it away from a broad goal of countering all violent ideologies to solely focusing on Islam, renaming it "Countering Islamic Extremism" in the process.

Judge orders halt to Trump's ban for immigrant visa holders

Ukraine: US Will Never Accept Russia's Annexation of Crimea

Russia charges cyber security expert, FSB officers with treason: lawyer

Will Trump Blunder Into A War With China?
In his Jan. 13 testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson made an extraordinary comment concerning China's activities in the South China Sea. The U.S., he said, must "send a clear signal that, first, the island-building stops," adding that Beijing's "access to those islands is not going to be allowed."

A "Color Revolution" Is Under Way in the United States
A Russian joke goes like this: "Question: why can there be no color revolution in the United States? Answer: because there are no US Embassies in the United States."

Putin on E. Ukraine flare-up: Kiev trying to extort US, EU cash by playing the victim

Donald Trump tweets he will study 'dumb' refugee deal with Australia
Australia's relationship with the United States, its closest ally, has been rocked by the leaking of a fiery telephone conversation between Malcolm Turnbull and Donald Trump over the proposed refugee resettlement deal.

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