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Why Was Comey Fired?
Posted: Thursday, May 11, 2017

Why Was Comey Fired?
The simplest explanation is that Trump doesn't like him much and doesn't trust him at all.

New South Korean president vows to address North Korea, broader tensions 'urgently'

The Silent Slaughter of the US Air War
The U.S. mainstream media voiced moral outrage when Russian warplanes killed civilians in Aleppo but has gone silent as U.S. warplanes slaughter innocents in Mosul and Raqqa, notes Nicolas J S Davies.

US Airstrike Kills 11 Civilians in Northern Syria

French Election A Catastrophe For World Peace
Marine Le Pen's defeat, if the vote count was honest, indicates that the French are even more insouciant than Americans.

Trump Agrees to Arm Kurds in Hugely Significant Move for Syria

Erdogan Rips US Plan to Arm Syrian Kurds
Officials Say Turkey Will Never Accept a NATO Ally Supporting Kurds

How U.S. Meddling in the Bosnia Conflict Changed the Face of NATO

U.S. likely to expand airline laptop ban to Europe: government officials

New footage from Syria shows aftermath of Sarin attack which killed 92
Horrifying new footage from Syria has emerged showing the moment poisonous gas killed 92 people in the northern part of the country.

Poll: Over 40% Of Americans Back Sanctions on Israel For Crimes Against Palestinians

Four United Nations peacekeepers killed in Central African Republic, 8 injured and one missing

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