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Washington Has Been At War For 16 Years: Why?
Posted: Saturday, July 1, 2017

Venezuela: Helicopter Attack as Opposition Steps up Campaign to Overthrow Maduro

Latest Venezuelan Opposition Coup Attempt Against Maduro Linked to DEA, CIA
More than 80 people miraculously avoided injury or death in a helicopter attack that targeted Venezuelan government buildings this week. The attack may have been part of an attempted coup supported by the U.S. as it seeks to topple Venezuela's government to gain access to its massive oil reserves.

Washington Has Been At War For 16 Years: Why?

War As U.S. Foreign Policy

The Growing Danger of War With Iran

Deposed Saudi Crown Prince Confined To Palace
Saudi officials deny claims Mohammed bin Nayef is under house arrest while power transition takes effect

'Foolishness!' - Golding slams Gonsalves over Venezuela crisis
Jamaica's decision to participate in discussions at the Organisation of American States (OAS) – whose general assembly starts today – over the Venezuela situation is "correct", former Prime Minister Bruce Golding has said, as he chides opposing CARICOM leaders for their "foolish" position.

Mattis claims Syria heeded U.S. warnings over chemical strike: ‘They didn't do it'

Qatar could face 'permanent' isolation as UAE says Gulf states are considering fresh sanctions
Other punitive measures are being discussed, Emirati diplomat says, dismissing press freedom concerns over demands to close Al Jazeera

UN: Demand to shut Al Jazeera a threat to media freedom
UN rights expert says Saudi-led campaign to close the Al Jazeera network is a 'major blow to media pluralism'.

U.S. Retreats From Al-Tanf - Gives Up On Occupying South East Syria

Make No Mistake, the U.S. is Already at War in Syria
Trump's anti-war promises were just glib campaign rhetoric.

NYT Finally Retracts Russia-gate Canard
A founding Russia-gate myth is that all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies agreed that Russia hacked into and distributed Democratic emails, a falsehood that The New York Times has belatedly retracted, reports Robert Parry.

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