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Korea Crisis Exposes Orwellian West
Posted: Monday, September 4, 2017

Solving the North Korea crisis: what are Donald Trump's options?
De-escalating Kim Jong-unís nuclear threat – through force, sanctions or talks – will require the US to navigate its tricky relationship with China

Kenyan president, election overturned by court, attacks judiciary

Need for Diplomacy More Clear Than Ever After North Korea Claims H-Bomb Test
"It is up to the Trump administration whether they want to flip this into an opportunity to belatedly start talking directly to Pyongyang, or just continue down the beaten track of shows of force, more U.N. sanctions, and secondary sanctions."

Korea Crisis Exposes Orwellian West
The Western media would have us believe that North Korea and its nuclear arsenal is the world's number one threat. The continual depiction of a "rogue" state in the Western media plays into the US agenda of a pre-emptive attack on North Korea.

Here Are The Facts About North Korea's Nuclear Test

The Korean Crisis: A Way Out
The ending of the US-Korea trade pact could pave the way for peace

Putin's Warning To The World: North Korea "On The Verge Of A Large-Scale Conflict"

NKorea missile fear sets pre-emptive strike debate in Japan

China's anger at West to overshadow tougher action on North Korea

These Lethal U.S. Anti Tank Missiles Are Showing up in ISIS Arsenals

Russia: U.S. closure of diplomatic sites a 'blatantly hostile act'

Russia hands note of protest to U.S. over plans to search trade mission

Iran says warns off U.S. U2 spy plane, drone

Pakistan will be defended, announces China
BEIJING: China on Thursday sent out a signal that it would defend Pakistan and would object to any discussion about Pakistan's role in sheltering terrorists during the upcoming BRICS summit, which would be attended by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, foreign media reported.

Exposed: How CIA Ran Weapons to Terrorists in Syria

Netanyahu in a Bind
Are the Israeli premier's domestic difficulties tempting him to go to war against Syria and Lebanon?

'Sad Day for Warmongers': UN Finds Iran in Total Compliance with Nuke Deal
Critics slam Trump for attempts to undermine Iran agreement

Joel Osteen Tells Harvey Survivors Not To Have A 'Victim Mentality'
Controversial pastor vows God will "pay back what belongs to us."

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