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How Much of Venezuela's Crisis is Really Maduro's Fault?
Posted: Monday, February 18, 2019

What Happened to the Remains of Khashoggi's Predecessor?
by Robert Fisk - February 18, 2019

How Much of Venezuela's Crisis is Really Maduro's Fault?
There are several factors for Venezuela's economic crisis, but you wouldn't know it by listening to U.S. leaders or following corporate media, writes Steve Ellner.

Hate Fest In Warsaw
Warsaw, Poland is not a fun place to visit in darkest February, but that is where the US just staged an anti-Iranian jamboree of 60 client states that brought derision and scorn from Europeans and much of the Mideast.

Understanding Why Iranians Bash the U.S. Government
Two days ago, the New York Times carried an article by Times' journalist Thomas Erdbrink entitled, "For Iran, a Grand Occasion to Bash the U.S.," which was about Iran's celebration of the 40th anniversary of its revolution in 1979. The article included the following sentence, "And like some evil doppelgänger, the United States was omnipresent, despite having broken all ties with Iran in 1981."

Trump's Iran summit shows just how far he is from the rest of the west
Does Mike Pompeo realise what a foolish figure he cuts as he shambles around Europe, spouting risible tosh about Donald Trump's commitment to a "new liberal order" and America as "force for good" in the Middle East? It seems he does not. Pompeo is a former soldier, Tea Party Republican, hawkish CIA chief and enthusiastic torture advocate who complained in 2013 that Guantanamo Bay inmates on hunger strike had "put on weight". Self-awareness is not really his thing.

Yemen war: UK 'on wrong side' of law over Saudi arms sales, British lords say
UK arms exports to Riyadh 'highly likely' to have caused major casualties and some should be suspended, report finds

Haiti in disarray as anti-government protests lead to prison breakout
By Peter Beaumont - February 14, 2019
Demonstrations over missing $4bn in development funds leave police overstretched, allowing 78 inmates to escape

Haiti's Unfolding Revolution Is Directly Linked to Venezuela's
By Kim Ives - February 13, 2019
Chaos reigns in Haiti for a seventh straight day as its masses continue to rise up nationwide to drive President Jovenel Moïse from power for his corruption, arrogance, false promises, and straight-faced lies.

Monica Witt: US Air Force officer defects to Iran with information 'seriously damaging' to national security, officials reveal
Chris Riotta - February 14, 2019

Neoliberalism or Death: The U.S. Economic War Against Venezuela
The Intercept (Audio) - February 13, 2019

Saudi crown prince had threatened to use 'bullet' on Khashoggi: NYTimes

Time to Break the Silence on Palestine

US revisits Vietnam Syndrome in Afghanistan after 17 years of war and destruction
It is America's longest war, costing huge amounts of "blood and treasure" as US leaders claim. Yet, the signs are that Washington is finally accepting a historic defeat in Afghanistan comparable to the ignominious Vietnam War.

Zimbabwe's Capitalist Crisis: Imperial Vultures and Subimperial Doves Both Turn Away From Economic Carcass

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