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  • The Lyrics and The Licks: Re-Brand the PNM!
    April 2010 - Posted: June 14, 2010
    This piece was first written in August, 1996 in an attempt to place on an objective basis the debate within the PNM. The aim was to have the country debate the issues, the POLITICS, before the PNM leadership election in October 1996. To facilitate this, the article was e-mailed to Lennox Grant, then Express newspaper Editor, and to Sunity Maharaj, then Editor of the Independent, but neither carried the article.

  • Nenny Olga & Patrick Manning
    April 2010 - Posted: June 14, 2010
    When an updated history of the PNM is done, it would reveal that Manning was, to put it simply, the major news carrier for Eric Williams. It was the women of the PNM who unearthed this way back then when they set up the then young, amateurish Patos with a rather interesting use of guile and wit. Manning claims today that Williams prepared him for leadership by having him rove from Ministry to Ministry so that he could experience the inner workings of all of them first hand. Who knows?

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