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Allyuh Still Blaming Ghetto and Music? February 29, 2016
And of course we have the usual callers into i95.5fm or Power 102 or 104.7 attributing the rise in student violence to the music and guns and lack of prayers and the need for "boot camps" and so on. Full Article

Article on Feminism Owing Capitalism: My Ramblings on It
February 13, 2015
In the article "Things I Don't Understand About Feminism" by Shastri Sookdeo, one of the articles he referenced was an interesting one written by one Bill Flax in the prestigious Forbes Magazine. "Interesting" because if these are the kinds of views held by many often considered elite academics and let's face it, that IS often the case then it is important that those who advance counter-narratives be more openly direct... Full Article

My Kinda Followers January 11, 2015
Last year the forever-robbed Heather Macintosh reminded us of our deeply embedded self-hate and self-doubt when she told us how we don't see anything good in Trinbago till some foreigner say so. But didn't Harry Belafonte and the recently departed Pete Seeger, huge cultural icons in the US, marvel at our kaiso and pan respectively years ago? Full Article

What About Dat Sex Ed Ting Jred? September 04, 2014
I come to pelt jep nest again. In a few days school will be reopened and in light of all the various bacchanal going on, in and out of Parliament, it isn't surprising that many may have forgotten that the Ministry of Education is supposed to be embarking on a revamped programme dealing with sexuality, relationships and sexual health aimed at schoolchildren. Full Article

Emancipate Yourself from ... Yourself August 06, 2014
Years ago, the late economist and social thinker Lloyd Best pondered over the question of how does one save a culture from itself. This is a question we have not collectively dealt with as we continue to entangle ourselves more and more in the destructive aspects of this culture that we're partly responsible for creating. Full Article

A Wray of Light into Ideas of Male Entitlement May 15, 2014
How nobody eh pick up on this one, jred? Or maybe someone did and I jes eh see it. So much things going on eh, I almost forget this gem of an article that came out in the Jamaican Gleaner on March 30th. I had to read it several times just to make sure the writer, one Milton Wray, wasn't using irony – a dying skill in vocabulary of late I gather. Full Article

The Politics Behind "One" God May 01, 2014
So, following on from the last two articles, I want to look now at monotheism, the belief in a one and only god. To be more precise, the Eurocentric definition of it. What REALLY makes that concept so morally superior? What makes it more legitimate and righteous than the (so-called) polytheistic belief systems that came before? I'll tell you, nothing. Full Article

Interrogating the Sex of God April 09, 2014
Continuing from my last long ramble, I want to offer my opinions on the issue of using sex-specific terms in Western religious tradition – in other words, the "sex" of "god." To the deeply pious – and perhaps even the moderately pious – that kinda talk is flat out preposterous, nothing short of sacrilegious and a mockery of religious beliefs. I agree, it is.....actually no, I don't agree, it's not. Full Article

Worship and Women, Wha's De Scene? January 06, 2014
I wouldn't mind doing about two or three articles expressing my opinions on the topic. Not sure why, I suppose fools really do rush in where....... Anyhow, it partly stems from the IGDS conference last week plus something I saw in a post two mornings ago, particularly two words: "fornication" and "adultery." I don't know why the person's use of the two words struck me given that they are still commonly used... Full Article

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