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Trinidad a land prone to terrorism?
Posted: Sunday, January 26, 2003

December 30, 2002

Trinidad and Tobago ships gasoline to Venezuela against the wishes of the America and Britain. [full text]

U.S. and UK encourage Cruise Ships to pull out of TandT
Thursday, January 16, 2003

The two companies, UK-based P&O Cruises and its sister company Princess Cruises, have stopped all visits until further notice citing a report from the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office about the possibility of British nationals becoming victims of a terrorist attack while in Trinidad and Tobago.

The last time P&O's Oceana visited Port of Spain in November 2002, it brought an estimated 1,950 passengers.

William Ferreira, chairman of the Furness Group, local agents for both P&O and Princess, said he received word of the pullout a few days before the Oceana was to have returned to Port of Spain on January 4.

When Ferreira contacted P&O's UK office he was told the P&O "were advised by the Commonwealth office in London that because of terrorist threats it was not safe for the vessel to come to Trinidad". [full text]

Form of Terrorism
Editorial Newsday/TT, January 24, 2003

THERE IS no denying the gravity of the crime situation in Trinidad and Tobago. The incidence of murder, armed robbery and kidnappings has reached a degree that disturbs us all.

But the recent attempts by outsiders to brand our country as a land prone to terrorism is a gratuitous calumny that we must firmly refute. How can the UK government dare to warn their nationals about visiting TT because of the danger of terrorists? As far as this threat is concerned, is their country not worse, much much worse than TT? [full text]

Unintelligent intelligence
January 26, 2003 By Raffique Shah

To suggest, though, that we have amongst us "terrorists" who pose a danger to foreigners is unjust in the extreme. And to see a former Prime Minister support T&T's name being dragged in the mud of terrorism on the basis of badly flawed intelligence reports, one needs to ask if the man is sane...or sober.

Except for the transient Trini who would turn "refugee" in a flash based purely on his or her politics, most of us are destined to live and die here. We must, therefore, resist, with one united voice, inept foreign agencies and governments branding us with stamps of their choice. In David Rudder's words, we must be "Trini to the bone." [full text]

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