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America is fighting in Yemen's civil war
Posted: Thursday, October 24, 2013

Exclusive: Germany, Brazil Turn to U.N. to Restrain American Spies
Brazil and Germany today joined forces to press for the adoption of a U.N. General Resolution that promotes the right of privacy on the internet, marking the first major international effort to restrain the National Security Agency's intrusions into the online communications of foreigners, according to diplomatic sources familiar with the push.

Snowden disputes Feinstein claim that NSA spying isn't 'surveillance'

Germany summons US ambassador over claim NSA bugged Merkel's phone
Allegations that US spying has reached highest level of government met with outrage and disappointment in Germany

Merkel says U.S. spying an unacceptable breach of trust

US Won't Say If They Tapped Merkel's Phone
White House Will Only Say They Aren't Doing It Anymore

Obama's phone call with Angela Merkel sounds like it was horribly awkward

US spying row to dominate EU summit
EU summit debates proposals to enforce European data protection laws on the US in the wake of allegations America bugged Angela Merkel's mobile

Stars take a stand against NSA snooping

Oliver Stone, John Cusack Warn Against NSA Surveillance
Oliver Stone, John Cusack, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Wil Wheaton are among showbiz figures who are stepping into the debate over the National Security Agency surveillance programs, appearing in a public service announcement that calls for an end to the monitoring.

Mozilla's Lightbeam tool will expose who is looking over your shoulder on the web

Lawmaker Says Iran Has Halted Enrichment
An influential Iranian lawmaker says his country has halted the production of enriched uranium up to 20 percent, a level that experts say is only a few technical steps from what is needed to produce a nuclear weapon.

Israel Intel Minister: Not pessimistic about Iran deal

Analysis: Saudi move reflects fears U.S. falling for Iranian charm

Does Obama Have the Courage to Pursue Peace with Iran?

Secret memos reveal explicit nature of U.S., Pakistan agreement on drones
Despite repeatedly denouncing the CIA's drone campaign, top officials in Pakistan's government have for years secretly endorsed the program and routinely received classified briefings on strikes and casualty counts, according to top-secret CIA documents and Pakistani diplomatic memos obtained by The Washington Post.

Treason and Treachery: CIA Consulted with Pakistani Government in Conducting Drone Strikes Report

US and Pakistan Locked in a 'Drone Marriage'
Obama didn't even mention "drones" when talking to the media after his meeting with Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. So is it all Islamabad's fault? Not really.

Syrian chemical arsenal destruction on schedule, according to the OPCW
The group overseeing the destruction of Syria's chemical arsenal is confident its inspectors will meet their November 1 deadline for rendering inoperable the elements that make immediate warfare possible.

Syrian army siege east of capital tightens as food, supplies dwindle

Ten Explosive U.S. Government Secrets about Israel
Absent greater transparency, Americans should assume the worst

Time for the truth about 'targeted' killings and US drones' civilian victims
The Obama administration is like a reckless hit-and-run driver. Congress must not let John Brennan's CIA get away with murder

Germany helped US with 'illegal' drone attacks

Bahrain Just Bought More Tear Gas Canisters Than It Has Citizens
After a year or so of beating everyone at the internet, South Korea has decided to impart a different kind of cultural impact on the rest of the world: supplying instruments of repression to Bahrain, one of the Middle East's most autocratic nations.

Iranian who survived execution will be spared second hanging, says minister
Justice minister claims Alireza, found alive in morgue and now on life support, survived penalty so will not be 're-executed'

Marines 'murdered man live on camera': Court martial sees graphic footage of 'execution' of injured Taliban fighter
The victim was left twitching and gasping for breath as the British servicemen, apprehensive that they might have been spotted, pretended to give him first aid

No more foreign wars? Yet America is fighting in Yemen's civil war
On Syria, Obama went to Congress over military action. Bud in Yemen, the US has joined a counter-insurgency without a word

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