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Vladimir Putin Talks To Reporters About Ukraine
Posted: Tuesday, March 11, 2014

About the Class war and Opposition protests in Venezuela
Venezuelan Community Pie del Tiro Confronts Protestors, Barricades

Vladimir Putin Talks To Reporters About Ukraine
By taking this humane and rational approach, Putin has established himself as the true leader of the world.

Vlad the Bad Steals a March on the West
Russia’s hard-eyed president, Vladimir Putin, is following the same strategy over Ukraine and Crimea. Putin swiftly moved his knight into the empty chess square of Crimea, thereby regaining full control of one of Russia’s four strategic port regions: Sevastopol, Murmansk, St Petersburg and Vladivostok.

Crimean leaders blame Kiev for selling Ukraine off for IMF loans

The CIA has brought darkness to America by fighting in the shadows
After 9/11 the agency was given free rein to break the rules but when allowed to play dirty abroad, it's difficult to stop at home

Edward Snowden discusses NSA leaks at SXSW: 'I would do it again'
- Whistleblower patches in to Texas conference from Russia
- Snowden insists leaks have strengthened national security

Ten countries scour sea for Malaysia jet lost in 'unprecedented mystery'

Vietnam Searchers Report Spotting Plane Debris; Officials Say They Found Piece of Door, Airplane Tail

'West lie machine, incompetent and bankrupt'

Obama’s Advancing Empire: Putsch, Pillage and Duplicity

Russia Reacts to US Warship's Arrival in Black Sea
The Russian government-funded RT news network charged that the Truxtun's presence during the Ukraine and Crimea crisis was part of a U.S. buildup in support of Ukraine.

Russia to Offer Ukraine ‘Counterproposals’
Officials Say Kiev Regime Change the Starting Point

Details of sanctions against Russia to be finalised in London
David Cameron indicates asset freezes and travel bans will be imposed within days as tensions continue to escalate in Crimea

Pro-Russian activists occupied the Lugansk Regional State Administration building, Sunday, after thousands had descended on the building demanding a referendum be held on March 16 to join the Russian Federation.

Ukraine may have to go nuclear, says Kiev lawmaker

To See What Ukraine's Future May be, Just Look at Lviv's Shameful Past
A seemingly cosmopolitan city is a nationalist stronghold and monument to ethnic cleansing, as its barbaric wartime treatment of Jews illustrated

Moscow denounces gun attack on pro-Russian activists in Eastern Ukraine

Putin defends Crimean referendum legitimacy to EU leaders as Ukraine's southeast rallies

Europe faces 'shooting conflict' if Russia enters east Ukraine, says Hague
British foreign secretary accuses Putin of major miscalculation but says pressure will not remove Russia from Crimea

‘West backed Ukrainian extremists to get rid of Yanukovich’

Ukraine crisis: US will not recognise Crimea referendum, says ambassador
Washington threatens further action against Russia if Vladimir Putin uses poll to legitimise military occupation, says Kiev envoy

Kerry won't visit Russia until Moscow shows 'seriousness' on Ukraine

Russian takeover of Crimea 'is not a done deal,' U.S. official says

Clashes in Ukraine as Rallies Take a Turn
Rival rallies turned violent in Crimea on Sunday, as Ukraine celebrated the 200th anniversary of the birth of its greatest poet and the White House announced that President Obama would host the Ukrainian prime minister just days before a controversial referendum on Crimean secession next week.

Cheney: Obama should consider some military options

Amid Ukraine crisis, Europe plays it safe

Putin defends separatist drive in Crimea as legal

Does Putin really want Crimea within Russia? Maybe not.
The Crimean parliament declared its intention to become Russian territory, and will hold a referendum soon. But the Kremlin may have more to gain if Crimea remains within Ukraine.

35 Countries Where the U.S. Has Supported Fascists, Drug Lords and Terrorists
Here's a handy A to Z guide to U.S.-backed international crime.

Massive Bombing near Baghdad; 97 Killed 237 Wounded Across Iraq
Attacks left 97 dead and 237 wounded across Iraq today. The worst attack occurred south of Baghdad. Local officials blamed the attack on the situation in neighboring Anbar province. Militants still control sections of two major cities there and have staged attacks in nearby provinces.

Arab League rejects Israel's demand for recognition as a Jewish state
Council ministers endorse PA President Abbas's rejection of Netanyahu's requirement for peace.

What's Going on in the Gulf? Unsurprisingly, It's Probably About Iran
Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain all recalled their ambassadors from Qatar on Wednesday, citing Qatar's alleged support for organisations and individuals that threaten "the security and stability of the Gulf states" and for "hostile media."

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