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US Beats War Drums Over Downed MH17 Plane
Posted: Sunday, July 20, 2014

French President Announces New Operation in Africa
France's president announced the redeployment of 3,000 French troops in five of its former colonies across northwest Africa as part of an operation to help fight terrorism in the region.

It Was Putin's Missile!
Why? Because the CIA said so.

US Beats War Drums Over Downed MH17 Plane, But Evidence Sketchy
Malaysia Airlines Story Continues to Change

Ukraine, rebels agree on security zone at crash site

Rebels to give MH17 black boxes to aviation group

Malaysia says believes Russia trying best to ensure safe route to crash site

Russia says agrees with U.S. to use their influence to stop Ukraine hostilities

Gaza shelling by Israel leads to deadliest day of conflict
Gaza has suffered the highest death toll since Israel's offensive began, with at least 87 people reported killed on Sunday - 67 of them in one area.

435 Palestinians, 18 Israelis Killed in Escalating Gaza War
80% of Palestinian Dead Are Civilians; 16 of 18 Israelis Are Soldiers

Death toll in Gaza reaches 337 on second day of ground invasion

1 in 5 of Gaza dead are children

Dozens of Civilians Killed in Fresh Attacks on Gaza

64 Public Figures, 7 Nobel Laureates, Call for Arms Embargo on Israel
Tutu, Chomsky, Waters, Pappe, others accuse country of 'war crimes and possible crimes against humanity.'

Medical charity official likens job to 'patching up torture victims in an open-air prison'

Harper's one-sided approach to Gaza is a betrayal of Canadian values
Certain minimal standards are expected of a national leader in what is known as the "civilized world." One of those standards would seem to be that, when massive numbers of defenceless civilians are being killed, a national leader should call for the killing to stop.

ISIS Sieges East Syria Airport, Aims to Control Main Oil Province
Military Airport Is Last Deir Ezzor Target Outside Their Control

Islamic State overwhelms Iraqi forces at Tikrit in major defeat

Israeli Ground Forces Invade Gaza
Nearly thirty additional Palestinian deaths confirmed overnight, including three children and a baby, as attack escalates

Israel ready to widen Gaza ground offensive - PM
Israel is prepared to "significantly widen" its ground offensive against militants in the Gaza Strip, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said.

Israeli Crowd Cheers As Missile Hits Gaza Live On CNN
I think you can probably see there are lots of Israelis gathered around who are cheering when they see these kinds of Israeli strikes.

Investigation Demanded for Plane Shot Down over Ukraine
298 people were killed on Thursday when a Malaysia Airlines passenger was shot down over eastern Ukraine

Obama Points to Pro-Russia Separatists in Downing of Malaysia Airlines Plane

Putin Poised to Retaliate Against Obama by Trashing Iran Deal
Now that the U.S.-Russia relationship has broken down, Moscow could throw a wrench into the teetering nuclear negotiations with Iran.

Did MH17 pilot divert INTO the danger zone? Aviation expert claims captain made last-minute change of course over Ukraine because he 'felt uncomfortable'

Around 100 Attendees Heading To Australia AIDS Conference Among Victims Of Downed Malaysia Airlines Flight
About 100 of the passengers on the Malaysia Airlines flight that was shot down over the Ukraine on Thursday were reportedly AIDS scientists and researchers heading to Australia for a conference.

Dutch Sadness Turns Into Anger Amid Missile Blame Game

Malaysia Airlines Offers Passenger Refunds
Malaysia Airlines is to refund fares for passengers no longer wishing to travel on the carrier, Sky News has confirmed.

Four Cases of Life-Threatening Plague Found in Colorado
Three more plague cases were found in Colorado, a week after the first infection of the deadliest form of the disease was reported in the state in a decade.

Chinese leader woos Latin America with deals
China's president pressed a charm offensive with Latin America on Thursday, signing deals with Brazil, meeting regional leaders and proposing a $20 billion infrastructure fund that highlights Beijing's growing interests in the region.

Washington state gives the green light to marijuana brownies but not lollipop pot
Newly legal pot shops in Washington state are allowed to sell a variety of infused baked goods, but nothing that may appeal to children like sweets and lollipops

Japan eyes buying Ospreys as US looks to expand fleet to mainland
Japan's defense ministry wants funding to purchase Osprey aircraft starting next year, with the addition of more than a dozen tilt-rotor aircraft over the next few years, despite homegrown protests and concerns regarding the aircraft's safety.

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