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Swiss banker whistleblower: CIA behind Panama Papers
Posted: Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Adidas posts offensive caricature of Dwayne Bravo

OMG! DJ Bravo waits for third umpire as sponsor caught playing the Adi-darse

Swiss banker whistleblower: CIA behind Panama Papers

Panama Papers: global tax officials to launch unprecedented inquiry
Investigators from 28 countries to meet in Paris in attempt to develop an international strategy for cracking down on secret offshore holdings

On 60 Minutes, A Compelling Case for Releasing 28 Pages on 9/11
The movement to declassify 28 pages on foreign government ties to 9/11 received its highest-profile exposure to date tonight, as 60 Minutes aired a report that featured insights from several former officials who are familiar with what the 28 pages contain—and believe the information should be public.

'60 MINUTES': Lawmakers Say Redacted Pages Of 9/11 Report Show Saudi Official Met Hijackers In LA

Libya: Obama Admits Clinton's "Greatest Moment" Was His "Worst Mistake"
The president's 'classified' double standard coupled with Libya discord underscores rocky support for former secretary of state

Brazil impeachment: Vote deals new blow to Rousseff

EU to make big firms come clean on tax
Plans to force the largest companies to disclose more about their tax affairs will be unveiled by the European Union on Tuesday.

The brain on LSD revealed: first scans show how the drug affects the brain

Britain's Covert War in Yemen: A VICE News Investigation
In a rural valley in southern Yemen lies Wadi Rafad, a collection of farms 50 miles from the provincial capital of Ataq. Amid an arid landscape dotted with lemon orchards and cornfields, villagers were used to the peace being disturbed by the buzzing of US drones flying overhead. But on the afternoon of May 6, 2012, something changed.

British Banks Cite Fear of US in Refusing to Do Business With Iran
British Trade Envoy Sees US as Big Obstacle to Trade

China 'seizes' eight Taiwanese from Kenya

Zuckerberg unveils 10-year plan to expand Facebook empire, with political tones

Iceland's PM resigns amid fallout from Panama Papers leak
Iceland's Prime Minister Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson has resigned after being accused of hiding millions of dollars worth of investments in offshore accounts.

First to Fall? Panama Papers Bring Down Iceland PM, Portending Future Fallout
'The greater crime is that we have a secret economy connected to and even supporting some of the worst aspects of the global capitalist system'

A Half Truth About the War on Drugs

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