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Blowing up Lack of 'Evidence' in Syria
Posted: Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Robert Fisk Reports Head of Douma Clinic Denies Chemical Weapons Attack

Blowing up Lack of 'Evidence' in Syria Chemical Attack
It is wise to remember the U.S.S. Maine, the Gulf of Tonkin and Iraqi WMD in assessing the rationale for the U.S. attack last weekend on Syria, says Ann Wright.

Russian WARSHIPS on way to Syria as part of MILITARY buildup amid World War 3 fears
RUSSIAN warships and military vehicles have been spotted on their way to Syria after a US-led airstrike took out three suspected chemical weapons sites in Damascus, raising fears as the world anticipates Vladimir Putin’s response.

Breaking: Syrian Military Confirms Israeli Missiles Targeted Airbase in Eastern Homs

Netanyahu: Israel to continue action against Iran in Syria

Rouhani phones Putin warning global chaos if Western strikes on Syria go unanswered
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said the U.S.-led attacks on Syria violated international law and if they go unanswered by international bodies, more of such chaos in the world will be conceivable, Tasnim news agency reported on Monday

U.S. Ally Iraq Joins Russia and Iran, Says Trump's Syria Strikes May Help ISIS

Russian top brass reveals 'true targets' of US-led strikes against Syria
According to the Defense Ministry's spokesman, the true targets of the strike delivered by the US, the UK and France were Syrian military facilities, including airfields

Pentagon acknowledges US contractor presence in Syria for first time
The US military is using more than 5,500 contractors in the campaign to defeat the Islamic State (IS) in Syria and Iraq, the Pentagon revealed in a quarterly report this week that acknowledges the use of contractors in the Syrian war zone for the first time.

Syria strikes: May tells MPs Britain could not wait for UN approval
Delay would effectively give Russia a veto on foreign policy says PM, as Corbyn calls action 'legally questionable’

How On Earth Would Killing MORE People Rescue Syria?

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